Six Step Checklist for Topical Flea and Tick Products

Before you purchase and apply any topical flea and tick topical, be sure to go over this important six step checklist.

  1. Weigh your pet. Don’t guess!
    Knowing their exact weight is important so you purchase the product for the right weight category.
  2. Do NOT use dog products on cats or cat products on dogs.
    Products are specifically formulated for each species.
  3. Read the label completely and follow directions. (see image below)
    Every product can have slightly different requirements for application.
  4. Do NOT treat with more than one on-animal pesticide at a time.
    Never mix a topical product with a flea and tick collar, spray, etc. This can cause an overdose.
  5. Do NOT split tubes between your pets.
    Even if pets get the same amount of liquid product, they may be getting very different amounts of active ingredients. This can lead to an overdose or under dose.
  6. SEPARATE animals after application until the product has dried.
    This prevents accidental ingestion. These products are never meant to be ingested.

What to Look For on the Package

When you go shopping for a topical flea and tick product, there are certain facts you want to check before you purchase. Look for the things indicated below to make sure you’re purchasing the right product for your pet. Be aware that this information may appear in slightly different locations on different products.

Fiproguard MAX package

SPECIES: Make sure that you’re buying dog product for a dog, cat product for a cat.

WEIGHT: Note the weight or weight category listed on the package and make sure it matches that of your pet.

WARNINGS: Keep out of reach of children at all times!

DIRECTIONS: Note all directions and be sure you do not ignore any of them. Remember that these products are pesticides. They are useful for your pet because they protect them from fleas, ticks and the diseases they spread. However, they must be used with care.

HOW TO APPLY: Follow these instructions step-by-step, being careful not to cut corners.

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