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Toilet-Drinking Pet? Here’s Help.

While it might be cute on TV or in the movies, a dog or cat drinking from the toilet is really no laughing matter. If it’s become a reality in your household, you need to get your pet’s head out of the toilet! Toilet water is never clean enough to be drinking water for your pets no matter how many times Mr. Clean has visited your bowl.

Toilet water is full of bacteria and can cause all sorts of oral and systemic diseases. It can spread dangerous bacteria to sensitive gum tissue. Even short of disease, the ASPCA warns that toilet water can irritate a pet’s gastrointestinal tract. Not to mention bring on toilet breath (the ugly cousin of dog breath) and ruin their social lives! Would you go in and grab a cool refreshing drink from your toilet? In terms of bacteria transfer, you might as well – every time your dog kisses you – if they are a toilet drinker. YUCK!

So here are some helpful tips to prevent your pet from heading into the toilet:

  • First the simple one: make sure the lid to the toilet is closed. However, you might have to train the men in the house to do the same (sorry guys, in some homes, its true!)
  • Some pets may have the skill to flip that lid up so try to keep the door to your bathroom(s) closed. This keeps them from wandering in and chugging the bacterial cocktail. While some pets have the incredible skills to actually open the door, this solves the problem in most cases.

Make sure your pet’s water bowl is always full. It could be that your pet is looking for some cold water to quench its thirst. Better to keep refilling their clean bowl than dealing with toilet breath the next time you lean down to say, “I love you”.

The bottom line: you have to change your behavior around the house if you want to keep your pet’s head out of the toilet.

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