Welcome, Pet People!

We’re finally live…and very excited on this opening day of the Pet Health Central Blog! We’ve created the Pet Health Central blog as a place for pet owners and all who love pets to be informed, educated, entertained and of course, inspired.

By bringing together some of the most interesting, knowledgeable and entertaining bloggers on a wide variety of pet-related topics, we’ll be serving up posts from more than a dozen writers on a regular basis. So be sure to add us to your RSS feed, or join our Pet Health Central Facebook fan page, where our blog posts will also be featured. There, you’ll find nearly 250,000 active, interesting pet people just like yourself.

So who are the PHC bloggers? Here’s a quick intro to each of them. Get all the details by clicking on their name.

Sandy Robins. Sandy is a well-known columnist, book author and radio personality who serves as our ‘expert in residence’ on all matters cat. It’s okay – you can call her the cat lady. It’s a compliment! She’s in Los Angeles, California

Dr. Tony Johnson. Dr. Tony, as he is known, is a practicing ER veterinarian and associate professor of veterinary medicine…and happens to be hilarious. He writes on various health-related topics. He’s in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Dr. Rod Van Horn. Dr. Van Horn is a practicing veterinarian with a large suburban clinic. He helps pet owners navigate medical and behavioral issues and is our ‘expert in residence’ on pet dental health. He’s in Omaha, Nebraska.

David Greene. David is known in the pet blogging world for his interesting posts about current events and news that relate to pets. He’s our man for news in the pet health world and pet industry. He’s in Boston, Massachusetts.

Barbara Masi. Barbara has worked with Greyhound Rescue for years. She’s also a community officer for her local sheriff’s office, along with two rescued canine partners. Grab some Kleenex for these posts. She’s in Palm Beach, Florida.

Jill Bertsch. Jill is a long-time volunteer with a pet therapy organization. Along with fellow volunteers, she shares stories of how these wonderful therapy dogs and their owners bring joy to those they visit. She’s in Omaha, Nebraska.

Shanna Stichler. Shanna was the Residence Advisor for Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Francisco, and has had a guide dog for many years. She shares her insights about life with her guide dog. She’s in San Francisco, California.

Blair Smith. Blair owns a self-service dog wash/full-service grooming service. She writes useful, do-it-yourself grooming advice posts. She also shares priceless photos of the dogs that visit her dog wash. She’s in Austin, Texas.

Moses the Dog. Moses, a spunky Golden Doodle, is part of the family at an elementary school as a therapy dog. Moses himself posts heartwarming stories about the kids he helps. He’s in Omaha, Nebraska.

Nichole Baugh. Nichole is the PR and Social Media Specialist at Sergeant’s and our ambassador in the blog-o-sphere. She’ll be keeping us up-to-date on news from Sergeant’s. She’s in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Fiproguard Flea. This zany, annoying and outspoken pest pops in from time to time to share his inner thoughts. He writes in from wherever he chooses, since he likes to jump around a lot.

Kelly Lytle. I’m the Marketing Communications Manager at Sergeant’s and a serious dog devotee. I’ll be sharing pet care tips and a sneak peek into working in a pet-centric company. I’m in Omaha, Nebraska.

While the blog is brand spanking new, when it comes to keeping pets healthy and happy, Sergeant’s certainly isn’t. Since 1868, we’ve been helping pets live better. Our founder, Polk Miller, was a pharmacist who used his knowledge to create medicines for his favorite dog, Sergeant, way back then. We think Polk would be proud of how we’re using the ‘new fangled’ technology to continue to help pet people better understand, appreciate and care for their furry family members.

Most of all, we hope you’ll share what you read and love here with other pet people.  This is a community, and it gets better each time content is shared and comments are posted.

In fact, please post a comment now to celebrate our launch with us!

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