Help for Naughty Pets?

Yesterday, we were on-set, filming some great educational videos about behavioral problems in pets and how pheromone therapy helps.

That’s Dr. John McGlone in the photo. Dr. McGlone is a renown researcher in the area of pheromone use and animal behavior. In addition to his research and work as a university professor, Dr. McGlone helps Sergeant’s develop new, science-based products to help pets overcome naughty behaviors. Stay tuned for more on that in 2012.

You’ll also notice adorable Cali with Dr. McGlone. She’s the very spoiled pet of one of our Sergeant’s team…and did a fabulous job adding a cute factor to the videos! Her sister Macie, another Shih tzu, was also at the shoot but preferred hanging out on her ‘mom’s’ lap to being on camera.

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