Psst. Yes, you. Give me people food!

No. People food is for people and pet food is for pets!

It’s especially important around this time of year to remember that people food is for people and specially prepared pet food is for pets.

During the holiday season there is a lot of attention paid to fabulous meals but it’s really not a good idea to let your pets partake in the dinner party fare.

First, there are a lot of fruits and vegetables such as onions and grapes that are dangerous for pets to eat. Not to mention desserts loaded with sugar and chocolate!

It’s also important not to leave dishes cleared from the table unattended in the kitchen so that pets can help themselves! Pets can choke on everything from corncobs to tiny bones. So be sure to keep everything away from nosey noses.

You can still spoil your pet with fun foodstuffs. There are great feasts in a can for both dogs and cats and tasty fun-shaped treats and biscuits. Serve them with holiday flair in a fun festive bowl.

Better still, take your pooch with you to pet-friendly stores like PETCO or PetSmart when you shop. He will enjoy the outing.

For your cat, consider shopping the post-holiday bargains online with your furkid curled up on your lap.

Yappy Howlidays!

Photo credit: Flickr by MelB

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