Welcome, A-fish-ionados!

Sergeant’s aquatic Facbook page, Colin McFin, has quickly become a hub for many fish  to meet other fish hobbyists, generate tips and most of all, exchange knowledge with other McFin fans.

We’re so proud that our aquatic bloggers are from the ranks of our nearly 50,000 McFin fans! Grant Walker specializes in saltwater fish and environments. If he doesn’t know the answer to a question, he’ll find it. Josh Templeton has been extremely active on the McFin fan page helping others through his extensive knowledge of fish keeping. He will assist fellow fish lovers in caring for, maintaining and breeding their fresh and saltwater fish. Now, full disclosure: it isn’t really Josh in his bio photo (check it out though – you’ll love it!).

Because McFin fans are always sharing their wisdom and support, here is a compilation of some sound advice for first-time aquarists generated from our McFin fans:

  • Get a large aquarium to start out with so you don’t have to get a larger one every year or so.
  • Tetras and mollies are good starters; they are non-aggressive and good for the buildup of bacteria.
  • Learn the value of live plants and don’t forget that they provide more oxygen.
  • Do your homework on the fish you want. Don’t buy the fish just because it looks cool.
  • Research all of your fish before purchasing. Use a good help source like the McFin page or a book. Even though I was born into a fish keeping family, I have learned a lot from McFin.
  • Watch a friend care for their tank for six months, then help for three months…then get one!
  • Do not get over populated with snails. They can be good, but are bad for living plants.
  • Cycle, cycle, cycle.
  • Research, research, research.
  • Get a reliable test kit. Use it often, especially in the first month.
  • Dilution is the solution to the pollution … frequent water changes.
  • Filtration and water changes are your best friends. Find volume needed divide total inches of fish by three and multiply total inches.
  • Buy fish appropriate for the size of the tank. 10-20 gallon = Fish  four inches or smaller.
  • Know how to tell if you are buying healthy fish and good products.
  • You don’t need expensive filtration if you change water regularly or when there is a problem.
  • Condition the water before the fish goes in and make sure the water is the right temp.
  • Don’t buy an expert level fish first.
  • Nitrogen cycle!!!! Do not buy a tank and fish at the same time.
  • And finally, make sure your cat doesn’t like fish!

For more tips and aquatic advice visit Sergeant’s Colin McFin Facebook fan page.


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