Help! Where Do I Start?

Two new products that just hit the market are perfect for easy, effective brushing. They’re from SENTRY® Petrodex®, the industry leader in quality pet dental products for more than 25 years. These products are formulated specifically for pet dental needs and tested to make sure they are effective (and tasty for pets, in the case of pastes and treats!)

Recommendation #1: The Dual Ended 360 Brush

This unique toothbrush was designed specifically to make brushing in a dog’s mouth safe, gentle and effective. The soft bristle head on one end has a continuous 360-degrees of brushing power. On the other end, a traditional head is available for spaces where it works better. A plaque scraper on the end and ergonomic handle help make this an all-in-one tool that’s easy to use.

If your dog just won’t accept the use of a toothbrush, you can also try the Petrodex Deluxe Finger Toothbrush. It’s been a favorite of pet parents for years, and now it contains 50% more bristles, is a longer length and includes a safety strap.

Recommendation #2: Poultry Fresh Mint Dual Toothpaste for Dogs and Poultry Cool Mint Dual Toothpaste for Puppies

While brushing removes some plaque, a specially-formulated toothpaste is also important to getting teeth clean and white…and especially to ending that horrible breath! These new twin power pastes are the first to use the same polishing agents as higher end toothpaste for humans!

The puppy version of the paste includes fine polishing agents, while the version for adult dogs puts a little more power into the polish. Both varieties contain mini strips and breath freshening technology to deliver patent-pending odor neutralizing technology to quickly neutralize even seriously stinky dog breath.

The two stripes of paste not only do different jobs, they also bring additional benefits! One of the two stripes is a poultry flavor. The second stripe includes a cool or fresh mint scent. There’s just enough poultry flavor to make dogs want to lick it up and just enough mint scent to convince humans to once again accept those happy dog kisses!

Recommendation #3: Combine for convenience and get the Dental Care Kit

The kits are designed specifically for puppies or adult dogs. They contain everything you need to get down to brushing: a Dual Ended 360 Toothbrush, a Twin Power Toothpaste and a Deluxe Finger Brush.


-Photo Credit: Izzy By Anna Urban

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