2012 Pet Besties Awards: Submit Your Photo Now

Each week we ask our Pet Health Central (PHC) Facebook fans to submit a photo for PET OF THE WEEK. There isn’t a week that goes by that we don’t receive outstanding snapshots! Whether the pictures come are from an amateur photographer or someone who’s been shooting for years, we’re always impressed with the quality of images submitted. To give all of those gorgeous, talented pets another shot, and to recognize all of the pets submitted through the year, we’re announcing the PHC Pet Besties Awards!

Your pet can win in one of FOUR categories: Best Smile, Best Face, Best Dressed and Best Action Shot. Each category will have a winner, and the overall PET OF THE YEAR winner will come from these category submissions. Category winners will receive a gift basket from Sergeant’s. The 2012 Pet Besties PET OF THE YEAR winner will receive free treats for a YEAR!

The first annual Pet Besties winners will announced Friday, February 3 on our PHC Facebook page and through the PHC blog. All photos must be received by MIDNIGHT on Friday, January 27th. Submit that fabulous photo today!

How to Submit Your Photo

Click on the “2012 Pet Besties” tab under our profile picture on our PHC Facebook page. Click here at it will take you through the entire process.

 Boost Your Chance of Success!

Find some great tips on how to take the best pet photos in Kelly Lytle’s PHC blog article, Say Cheese! Taking Great Pet Photos.

More tips for submission:

  • Natural lighting is always great. It’s the easy way to avoid the dreaded “green eye” problem (similar to red eyes in photos of people.)
  • Make sure the photo is in focus
  • Think unique
  • Check out photos that have won PET OF THE WEEK to generate ideas
  • Crop out dead space in the picture
  • Lifestyle photos are always a hit

If you have any questions or need help choosing a photo, please feel free to ask us on Facebook.

Good luck and thanks again for sharing your awesome pet pictures with us!

Photo credits: Laura Knobbe Photography


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