Resolve to Have a Happier, Healthier Cat

It’s January – that time of year we all make well-meaning New Year resolutions. You’ve implemented your personal resolves, I’m sure, and chances are you’re doing pretty well. With the end of the month among us, it’s important not to forget about resolutions pertaining to your felines too. Here are a few things to get you started:

  • Cats should visit a veterinarian at least once a year for a check-up. This is particularly important as your cat ages because they are very good at hiding medical issues, which could be life threatening.
  • February is pet dental month – so if you schedule your visit for this month, you may be able to simultaneously benefit from discounted dental cleaning offered by many veterinarian practices around the country. While you are there, be sure to discuss your pet’s diet to ensure that she is getting the right food for her age and level of activity.
  • Grooming is a way of spending quality time with your feline. It also gives you an opportunity to look for any lumps and bumps that may be hidden by fur. Make a commitment to groom your fur kid weekly.
  • Remember to play with your cat regularly. Cats love laser toys and wands with feathery ends. Both offer mental and physical stimulation that will improve your cat’s overall good health. Cats are just like children – they get overwhelmed if there are too many toys lying around the house. There is nothing wrong with your feline having lots of fun stuff to play with. But in order to keep things fresh and feline interest piqued, it’s important to rotate the toys on a regular basis.

Now that you’ve made a list of kitty resolutions, make sure you stick with them – for your cat’s sake.

Photo credit: Tiger and Spunky, from PHC Facebook Fan Sharon Piper

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