National Pet Dental Month: Education, Products and Time-Saving Tips

How often do you brush your pet’s teeth? Whether it’s weekly, monthly or never— it’s no time to start feeling guilty, but it is time to become informed. The truth is, most people don’t realize how important it is to maintain good dental hygiene for their pet. February is National Pet Dental Month – so it’s the perfect time for all of us to learn more about dental care for our pets.

In a perfect world, we would all take ten minutes a day to scrub our cats’ and dogs’ teeth clean. But never fear – even if your world is less than perfect and committing to 10 minutes a day doesn’t seem possible now, there are many other ways to help keep your pet’s teeth healthy. In fact, Sergeant’s has developed a wide variety of products to help. And in addition to products, there are other tips and tricks to keeping on top of pet dental health. We’ll be sharing a lot of these throughout February!

We’ll be featuring a series of question-and-answer interviews with our own Dr. Van Horn, a practicing veterinarian who will share his strong knowledge and years of experience in pet dental care. We’ll also introduce you to some very effective, easy-to-use products that can change the way you feel about dental care for your pets. For example, the Petrodex Fresh Mint Chewables for dogs are a great way to reduce tartar and plaque by gently scraping the teeth clean. They also leave a nice minty scent and reduce bad breath. For cats, Dentafresh® Daily Chews with Peroxide Enzyme System are a great way to help support oral health. It freshens breath and cleans teeth. How easy is that?

We believe that every pet can have a healthy, happy smile like Comet, the winner of our last Petrodex Superstar Smiles photo contest, featured in the photo above. It just takes some education on the topic, a few easy-to-use products and some time-saving tips. The good news: we’re going to help you with all three!

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