Pet Besties 2012: PET OF THE YEAR


“Maddi is currently 1 1/2 years old.  She weighs 62 pounds and is an active, happy and energetic female Golden Retriever.  She acts like a tomboy.   Maddi also is quite perceptive and sensitive to your feelings and will come curl up at your feet or ask with her eyes if she is allowed to curl up on your lap.  Maddi loves everyone, but especially kids.  She’s a snuggler, best friend (of course), knows lots of tricks/commands, travels well and is a joy to live with.  One of her best features is that she makes me laugh everyday.  Whether it is grooming the cat or dragging in a pair of jeans found on the steps, she is a funny gal!  She is patient and tolerant and trustworthy.”

-Mar Sension, proud owner



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