Meet Moses: School Therapy Dog and Devoted Companion

You can call me Moses … or Mister Mo … or Momo … or Mighty Mo! I answer to all of these special names bestowed upon me by some of my favorite people in the world … my Reeder Elementary friends, especially the kids. I am a school therapy dog and have been hanging out at Reeder Elementary for six years! My human works as a paraprofessional there and I get to tag along. The privilege did not come easily though! I attended an eight month training program through an organization called Domesti-Pups. My training consisted of classes, tests (one of them was the AKC Canine Good Citizen test), and supervised field experiences. And then I still had to be recommended for graduation. Just recently I was also recognized as an AKC Therapy Dog! All for doing what I love best.

What does a therapy dog do at school? Glad you asked! Every day is different. I listen to kids read, comfort those who are feeling sad, visit my special needs friends in their classrooms, take walks with kids who have earned “Moses time”, am the subject of writing and art projects, and sometimes I run races at outside recess! I think I do some of my best work, though, just walking down the hallway in my school. I see lots of friends then and I never know when I’m going to make a difference in someone’s day. I sure get lots of love and attention.

I try not to play favorites at school but it’s hard when you have a friend like my Camille (pictured above, with me!). Camille is blind. I get my “Camille time” once a week when she comes and practices reading her Braille to me. She’s not afraid of me anymore and I make her laugh when I kind of sit on her (oops) in my effort to be close. When we’re done she walks me back to her classroom. I do what she tells me. On Valentine’s Day I heard Camille tell my human, “I just really love Moses.” I know, Camille, I know.

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