Recognizing Great Women and Canine Companions

Have you told the women in your life that you adore, respect and love them lately? Whether it’s your sister or your best friend, be sure to share some much needed gratitude toward the ladies in your life. Not that they don’t deserve it each and every day, but today is especially important because it’s International Women’s Day! In honor of this important holiday that dates back to 1909, we are recognizing women and their dogs. Oh, and ladies.. thank you for all that you do. You are amazing!




Queen Victoria and Sharp

Sharp was her favorite Border Collie dog and constant companion.







  Helen Keller and Phiz

 “My dog friends seem to understand my limitations, and always keep close beside me when I am alone. I love their affectionate ways and the eloquent wag of their tails.” -Helen Keller





Marilyn Monroe and Maf

Maf, short for Mafia, lived with Monroe for the last two years of her life. She took him everywhere she went.




  Oprah and her late dog Sophie

Oprah said: “Sophie gave me 13 years of pure unconditional love. She was the true love in my life. In fact, she’s been one of the greatest reasons for me to be a kinder, more gentle person.”





  Martha Stewart with Francesca and Sharkey

 These two dogs even have their own blog! Check it out:






Rachel Ray and Isaboo

Rachel Ray is an avid dog lover. Isaboo helps Rachel Ray taste test all of her delicious recipes for her latest dog food cookbook. 





Queen Elizabeth II and her Corgis

The Queen’s dogs are treated like royalty. She is said to currently have 10 dogs.




-Photo Attribution: (in order of appearance) Queen Victoria from, Helen Keller, U.S. Library of Congress; Marilyn Monroe by Motion Pictures and Eric Skipsey; Oprah,; Rachel Ray by GettyImages; Martha,, Queen Elizabeth,, Bridget,

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