St. Patrick’s Day with Your Feline Friend

The chances are your cat has never seen a leprechaun and probably would turn up its nose if you left a glass of Guinness on the bar counter, but there are still other ways you can include your favorite feline your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

For starters, lots of cats like to nibble on plants and the very pretty Bells of Ireland plant is non-toxic to felines and will make a nice decorative touch in your home this time of year. They are plentiful from local supermarkets and plant stores.

However, beware of the shamrock or clover, as this plant is toxic to both cats and dogs.

You may be able to dress your cat as a leprechaun in a cute feline outfit that comprises a fun collar and a little hat and possibly little leggings to attach to each paw. Many cats will be tolerant as long as you limit the fancy dress fun to a couple of fun photographs and don’t expect your feline to wear the outfit for any length of time. There’s a variety of fun St. Patrick’s Day outfit that can be bought on-line. Don’t worry about size—when it comes to cats, one size fits all!

To take great photographs of your cat in an outfit, make sure you are on the same level to capture her looks at their best. Most cats don’t like flash photography, so consider natural sunlight instead. And make sure you position her in front of a plain background to show of feline attributes to their best advantage.

A fun idea is to line your sink with a green material and position your feline here for the photo shoot. Cats love sinks and will happy hang out here – at least long enough for you to snap away for a few minutes.

Here’s some feline trivia to share with friends over a nice Irish stew and a pint. Popular Irish male cat names include Bailey, named after the Irish liqueur, Ballykissangel, named after a popular Irish TV series, Blarney, a town in southern Ireland, Donovan which means dark brown, Branagh after Shakespearian actor Kenneth Branagh and Bono named after the singer from the band U2 – and Guinness of course.

For female cats, Claire and Colleen are popular choices along with Derry, a city in Ireland and Molly a popular name for an Irish lass.

And to spice up the celebrations, consider learning the words to songs by Celtic American singer/songwriter Marc Gunn and his group the Dubliner Tabby Cats. He has taken the lyrics of popular Irish and given them a feline twist.

Here’s a verse from his version of Danny Boy:

Oh Danny Boy, the alarm is not yet ringing. ?But I awake with you licking me on my cheek. ?The morning’s come too soon, and you won’t stop meowing. ?Why won’t you let me get one good night’s sleep.”

The CD is called Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers.

Of course, if your cat doesn’t like your singing and considers it more like feline yowling after a night on the tiles, consider confining her safely to a quiet corner of the home for her own safety and your peace of mind.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Photo credit: by gesika22 from flilckr

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