All Water Is Not Created Equally

Hi there! My name is Blair and I’m the owner of Dirty Dog, a chain of self-serve dog washes/grooming shops in Austin, Texas. I’m excited to be a part of this awesome group of bloggers here at Pet Health Central!

Since yesterday was World Water Day, I thought I’d share a bit about water and it’s importance in the grooming process.

Austin is a city filled with and surrounded by lakes, creeks, swimming holes and there are a TON of swimming pools. We hear all the time, “I don’t wash my dog that often because he swims so much.” Well, I understand that thinking, however, that’s like saying you don’t shower because you swim so much—just doesn’t really make sense. While swimming is a great exercise for both dogs and humans alike, there are a few things to consider.

If your pup is swimming in the local lakes, ponds or creeks there can be algae that can be harmful and even dangerous to your pet. Blue-green algae can even be deadly. Likewise, the chlorine in a typical pool can also be harsh for your pup and be very drying to his skin and coat, just like in humans. The same goes for dogs that are lucky enough to swim in an ocean. In all instances, when Fido is done pretending to be Michael Phelps, take a minute to rinse them off with a hose if you don’t have time to give them a full bath.

When giving your dog a full bath, we always tell people that the rinsing portion is the most important. You want to make SURE that you’ve gotten all of the shampoo off so, again, it doesn’t dry out their skin, causing them to become itchy and could lead to more serious issues. When you think you’re done rinsing, keep going for at least a few more minutes. Your pup will thank you! For even more tips about dogs and water safety, click here.

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