What Is Pet Owner’s Independence Day?

On April 18, cat owners around the world will be celebrating Pet Owner’s Independence Day. The idea is to switch roles with your feline so that she will take over all the household chores, and possibly step into your shoes at work while you pamper yourself, lie around the house all day napping, work on your sun tan, and head for the spa for a massage and a mani-pedi.

Well, whoever dreamed up this event doesn’t really understand cats. First off, dogs have masters; cats have staff and thus have no clue about household chores or any idea about the concept of work. For cats work is a noun, not a verb.

So in order for this day to be successful for the cat owners, we could give our cats some suggestions to make our lives easier.

If just one day a year, your cat didn’t throw food out the bowl encouraging an army of ants, that would be one way of giving pet parents a little bit of extra time for themselves. For some reason, raised food bowls on wrought iron legs seem to discourage ants from climbing up and into the food. Similarly, if you place the food bowl in a bowl of water creating a moat, ants can’t swim!

If for just one day a year you could purrsuade your cat not to have a hairball projectile competition with other cats in the household, that would also save pet parents valuable time in a day. Hairballs are a nasty mop-up operation because they are usually accompanied with bile colored by the last meal, which in turn leaves marks on carpets and upholstery. Often, if you allow the hairball to harden, it’s easier to scrape it off the carpets or upholstery with a knife and then tackle the area with a special enzyme cleaner to remove all traces of the event.

If for just one day a year you could purrsuade your cat not to throw litter out of the box and create a sea of sand around it that too, would save valuable time in a day. High sided or enclosed litter boxes do help to contain litter. Similarly, rubber mats under the box will also help to trap it and contain it to the immediate area. Puppy pee pads placed under the litter box will also help trap flying litter and contain any little “accidents”.

Investing in a fountain with a water reservoir if a great way to guarantees a plentiful supply of water and will save you on daily top ups.  However, it’s a good idea to have other bowls around the house too.

Make sure your cat has a variety of toys that allow her to entertain herself too.  There is a wonderful variety of puzzle games for cats that will keep them entertained and buy you time for yourself.

With luck, all these timesaving ideas have bought you about 20 minutes in a day. That’s enough time to sit down – with a cat on your lap of course — and give yourself a manicure.

Happy Pet Owner’s Independence Day.


-Photo from flickr by still epsilon

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