They’re Moving On Up!

At my elementary school, I usually hang around the kindergartners and it’s a good fit. Sometimes when we’re in their playroom, I get to be the “dog” in their pretend family. Always the “dog”. I do play that role pretty well. I don’t chew up the play food the kids give me and they don’t even seem to mind when I kind of doze off. That means they’ll throw a little blanket on me. And then it’s my turn not to mind. Like I said, it’s a good fit.

My kindergartners are on the main level in our building, but my fifth graders are on the lower level. It seems like I don’t get to see them hardly at all. I love it when my human and I are walking in the lower hallway that goes past the fifth grade classrooms. I can hear “There’s Moses!” and “Hey Moses!” coming from the rooms. I can see my human cringe just a bit! It seems I cause a little chaos wherever I unexpectedly appear! Even so, the teachers often invite me in for a quick hello. An impromptu petting fest can always fit into the schedule!

One of the fifth grade classes wrote poems and made paper mosaic pictures of me. We displayed them on the wall in our front lobby and they were such a hit that I wanted to share a few of them with my blog friends. The poems made me a little sad because my fifth graders will be moving on next year to the middle school. A middle school without a dog! Most of my kids have always gone to school with a dog in their building! I’ve been here since our building opened almost seven years ago. I hope that my fifth graders have learned some things from me that they’ll take with them to their new school … patience, loyalty, empathy, unconditional love. Maybe I’m hoping for too much but then, maybe not!

A Haiku
By: Marah
White curls fall perfect.
He’s beautiful and pure.
I wish he was mine.

Acrostic Poem
By: Zach
Maximum curls a dog could have
Of all dogs, the Best
So trained to be around kids
Eats dog food
Silly, Silly dog
Tall and Handsome
Has a cool Bandana
Exciting and Curly
Good to all
Really cool
Everyone’s favorite dog
All dogs bow down to Moses
Totally Awesome

A Haiku Poem
By: Carter
Moses is a dog.
You should really go and meet him.
You won’t regret it.

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