Giving Back to Our Furry Friends

Physical activity is an important part of your pet’s life. Giving back to the community is an important part of Sergeant’s corporate life. And this blog post is about both!

Whether it’s running in the backyard, playing on the scratching post or going for a leisurely walk, exercise is a great way to extend the life span and improve the quality of your pet’s everyday life.  A great way to provide your dog with a much-needed workout is to take your pooch to an outdoor dog park.

In Omaha, where Sergeant’s headquarters is located, we are fortunate enough to have a free, 7.5 acre dog park – Hefflinger Park.  Dogs can explore, sniff around and socialize leash-free with other furry friends. This past Saturday, Sergeant’s attended a fantastic event called “Spring Bark in the Park” held to raise money for Omaha community dog parks. We were able to donate 500 of our fun, feathered friend, The Plush Duck.

They went fast – and we were thrilled, seeing all those cavorting canines running through the park with their new goody. Giving a toy to your pet is another great way to encourage physical activity. And let’s be honest, what pet doesn’t enjoy running around the house (or park) with a new toy? Our thoughts exactly.

The event went off impeccably. Pet enthusiasts from all over the city gathered — a leash in each hand— to learn more about what Omaha has to offer their furry family members. Our own Dr. Rod Van Horn was there with his medical team giving advice, much like he does on Pet Health Central. He was also doing a raffle giveaway for Sergeant’s Pronyl OTC, which is one of his favorite flea and tick products. (Thanks, Dr. Van Horn!)

It was exciting to see all of the pet lovers out there, spoiling their pets with treats, toys and fun physical activity with other ‘paws of life.’ We were equally excited to share some great toys with everyone at the event. Here at Sergeant’s, we think it’s important to really be a part of the pet loving community. That comes in the form of research and development of new products that help pets, but it also comes in the form of, well, giving back where needed. Because at the end of the day, that’s what Sergeant’s is all about: helping people and their wonderful pets.

Whether it’s donating time to a local shelter, fostering dogs in-between homes, helping the local food bank by donating dog food or supplies (yes, almost all of them take these donations – which help people who are having a rough patch afford to keep their pets) or any other giving back that helps pets, we encourage everyone to be a part. Are you involved in any activities to help furry friends? Comment below.





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