Sparkie and Chewie: The Perfect Companions For Our Family

Mary Kimberly - Guest BloggerLosing a parent is always hard. When my mom passed away, I thought I would never get to the next day. A few days after my mom died, my 4-year-old son said he wanted to go to the puppy store to snuggle with puppies, as we had done many times before. We saw about a dozen puppies before he laid his eyes on a beautiful, blue merle, Shetland Sheepdog. She was alone in the kennel, the runt of the litter. Her siblings had already been adopted. My son grabbed a hold of this tiny little puppy and fell in love. We had to add this beautiful animal to our family.

We brought her home that day. She was so incredibly beautiful and has the most indescribable eyes. When we brought her home, she wanted to go outside right away.  She ran around the yard like she had known it all her life. At 8 weeks, she already was pretty much house-trained!

She has never been anything but a member of our family. She was there for me through those challenging days and weeks after Mom died. Every time I cried, she would come right up to me and snuggle. Even now, when I have a rough day, she is right by my side snuggling with me, bringing me a toy to play with, or just licking my hand. She doesn’t know she is a dog, so we don’t tell her that we give her dog treats/food, or she will refuse to eat it. She is an amazing animal and still makes me smile every day.

A couple of years ago, Sparkie started to act sad and was playing less and less outside. We knew she needed a friend.  So, we brought Chewie home.  Chewie is a  Shetland Sheepdog as well (tri-colored) and Sparkie was glad to have him at home. Some pets don’t appreciate it when you bring another home, but Sparkie was genuinely happy. They are best buddies and play ball together in the back yard. We will throw the ball and they will both go after it.  Chewie will get the ball and Sparkie has to take it away from him to bring it back to us.

Two years ago, Sparkie was having difficulty walking. Hip dysplasia is what we were told by our vet. We started giving Sparkie Joint-Eze every day and she is running again. Both of our dogs are very family friendly and care deeply for each other. If Chewie chases a squirrel, Sparkie is right behind him. Our dogs are quick to greet us each day when we get home from work and are so playful. Chewie chews something in the house each day (drywall and carpeting are his favorites). We have started using Stop That! with him, and it has stopped him from the excessive barking and is helping with the training we are giving him on what’s appropriate to chew on and what isn’t.

Our animal children are incredibly intelligent, fun and loving creatures. We are truly blessed to have found the perfect companions for our family.

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