Take Me Out to The Ball Game

As part of a reading incentive program with the Omaha Storm Chasers baseball team, all of the kids at my school and their families are invited to a baseball game at Werner Park this month. Some of my kids even earned free tickets by achieving their reading goals.

Since I consider myself one of the gang, although four-legged and fuzzier than the others, I was hoping that I would get to go to the baseball game too. I can slam down a hotdog and howl for a home-run right along with the two-legged crowd. My kids would love to see me wearing my baseball cap.

Well, I am sad to say that it is not to be. Although my human did her best at trying to get permission from the baseball park people, I don’t get to go. You see, I am a therapy dog, not a service dog, and there is a difference!! Service dogs, such as those that provide assistance for the blind, deaf or otherwise physically challenged, are allowed public access. That means that they can go wherever the public goes. As a therapy dog, I can only go where I am invited. I am a little jealous but I do manage to get myself invited to quite a bevy of events!

What’s kind of funny is that when I was a puppy I was intended to be a service dog! Long story short is that it was not my calling. I did get to go to a lot of neat places during my training though because in Nebraska service dogs in training are allowed public access. How cool is that? Yeah Nebraska! Not all states permit that privilege. I remember going to Joslyn Museum … took
me five tries to get the courage to go through their big fancy doors! I did not like them at all! Their dark theater made me nervous too.

I recall barking a little bit (okay, a lot) in there! Even though I was not able to become a service dog, my human stuck with me and helped me to discover what I am good at. I hit the jackpot and ended up at my elementary school! I like to share my story with kids to encourage them to always keep trying. Everyone is good at something!

I do get to go to a Storm Chasers baseball game though! The nice people at Werner Park told my human about a special baseball game just for dogs! It’s called “Bark in the Park” and it’s happening on May 19th. Humans can bring their pet dogs with them to the baseball game. I’ll skip the peanuts and cracker jacks … gimme a hotdog any day! Come say hi if you see me there! (Enjoy the photo of me and some of my fourth grade friends who worked hard on their Storm Chasers reading projects!)

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