Meeting the Paw Fathers of the Feline Enrichment

There’s no question that cats love high places and the opportunity to look down on their people. That’s why in the absence of a tree, a nice tall kitty condo or kitty tree is a fabulous substitute. Also there are all kinds of ramps, steps and shelves that give cats access to vertical space in the home. Your cats will have a blast!

I like to credit my dear friends Bob Walker and his artist wife, Frances Mooney, as being the “paw fathers” of the Feline Enrichment Movement. The couple changed their own home in San Diego into a feline amusement center by utilizing space overhead, running beams and tunnels through the walls from room-to-room, giving their cats literally their own loft space. To this catabulous environment, Frances added some custom cat furniture and artifacts that most cat people would drool to own!

Like most pet owners, initially Bob and Frances viewed their home in square feet, but the moment they started to think cubic, their environment took on a different perspective— especially from a feline standpoint.

Bob, a fabulous photographer, documented their home in a book called “The Cat’s House”, which has become an idea factory and virtual blueprint on how to enhance your cat’s living space for the feline world ever since. Most of the fun interior design accessories now available for cats can trace their roots back to Bob and Frances in some way or another.

Bob and Frances created a floor-to-ceiling scratching column that also had the functional use of dividing their living room from the dining room! They entwined more the 395 feet of red dyed sisal around it to lend it an artistic touch and then connected it to a wall beam on their ceiling to give it stability.

I have been to their home and seen first hand how the cats enjoy their overhead beams, tunnels and lookouts.

From time to time, Bob and Frances generously open their home to the public. If you are anywhere near San Diego, this is a MUST. Your own cats will benefit from what you see here and thank you forever!

There’s a special personal tour costing $25 per person this Saturday, May 19th, from 7 – 9 pm.  There is also an open house event on Sunday, May 20, 1-4pm. Tickets for the latter are $5 each. A portion of proceeds benefit the East County Animal Rescue

If you are ever in San Diego, Bob and Frances will always arrange a tour so file this information. And then of course there is the book The Cats’ House published by Andrews McMeel and available on

Come and check it out!

5010 Northhaven Avenue
San Diego CA 92110
Call 619.276.3621 or Email: [email protected]

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