Armed Forces Day – Honor our Canine Military Heroes

We have so many heroes to honor on this day, our men and women who are taking care of our country (whether home or abroad) and the canines who also work so hard to keep us safe. It’s amazing to read some of the stories about their courage and willingness to be right there with their master while working to protect us all. They deserve our respect also as they have saved many human lives when duty calls them.

In addition to the military canines, we have the wonderful service dogs who take care of retired veterans in need once they return home. These are also highly trained dogs, willing to be there for their master when he/she needs them the most. Dogs have been there for the blind, hearing impaired or wheelchair bound veteran for some time, but now they are helping with other injuries – and even PTSD.

A trained service dog is a joy to see working closely with its master – and it is amazing what they can be trained to do. Here in southeast FL we are working with the retired racing greyhounds and preparing them for a second career. Once their days as an athlete are over, many of them don’t want to be “couch potatoes” – they are sill energized with the work ethic – and make excellent service dogs for mobility assistance, PTSD and other related disorders.

Service Dogs 4 Service Men is presenting its first trained dog, HERO II, to his veteran on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. We are pleased to have the Palm Beach Kennel Club sponsor the ceremony for the presentation. It’s a win- win situation – another good home for a retired racer and a helpful companion for the veteran.

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