Reflecting on Loved Ones Lost

Memorial Day is the perfect time to reflect on loved ones we have lost and that includes feline family members too. There are many wonderful ways to memorialize that special pet that left indelible paw prints on your heart.

Even if you have buried your pet in a pet cemetery, it’s nice to have a little memorial somewhere close to home. So consider having a special stone or plaque made and positioned in a pretty spot in the garden. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, purchasing a nice bench and putting a little plaque on it will also be a loving reminder every time you go and sit there to reflect or read a book. You can also consider planting a tree. And, if that’s not possible to do at home, consider doing it in a dog park or a public park where other animal lovers and their pets go to spend time together.

I brought my three cats from South Africa when we moved to the United States. Sadly since then, two of them, Muffin and California have passed away. I had them cremated and each of their remains is in beautiful little carved boxes on my desk so that they remain my Muses. The advantage of cremation is that no matter where you may move in the world, you can take your pet’s ashes with you and keep them close forever.

Your pet’s collar and tags and even a lock of hair are poignant keepsakes. These days, you can purchase special boxes to hold both ashes and mementos at specialty pet stores.

Most animal shelters have hospitality rooms where potential adopters have an opportunity to spend some time with a cat or kitten they are considering adopting. Consider making a donation to your favorite shelter so that they can kit out the hospitality room with fun kitty condos, toys and comfortable couches that will make it a conducive environment to interact with cats up for adoption. They will be more than happy to name the room after your favorite feline.

Another wonderful way to remember a special friend is to offer a memorial scholarship to a veterinary school. Alternatively, if your pet died of a particular disease or illness, think about creating a fund in her name so that you can be actively  involved in raising money to aid future medical research that will in the future help other cats to lead long and happy lives.

Photo Credits: Feature image by Jana Malone

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