Father’s Day: A Canine Point of View

It’s easy for me to talk about what it’s like to be a dad to the world’s greatest long haired Dachshunds, but that would be boring. After all, we all know how wonderful it is to be a pet parent, right? I think it would be more useful if you get the dogs’ points of view. After all, this is a pet blog. So without further ado, I give you Cami and Harry (full names: Cami Missy Diva Piglet Punky Girl and Harry Potter Dachshund Greene.)

Question: When did you first meet daddy?

Harry (inset photo): I’ll answer, cuz I met him first! See, my sister and I were at the breeder, and we didn’t know what we were doing there. Just playing around in the little woodshaving pen, mostly. We were really young. How old were we, Cami?

Cami (pictured above): Seven weeks and five days the first time we saw them! I know because I was learning to figure out that big calendar they had on the wall. It was really cool. Pictures, and squares with numbers, and the people would cross off days, so I knew what day it was. I wanted to see if I could eat it, but I…

Harry: Ok, chill. I only asked how old we were, not how the room was decorated. See? This is what I have to put up with.  Anyway, yeah, we were really young, and mommy and daddy walked in one day. It was super cold outside, and mommy and daddy were wearing big, puffy coats. Mommy picked up Cami to say hi to her, I guess. Daddy picked me up at the same time, and held me right up close to his head, and I snuggled into his big, red coat and almost immediately sighed and got drowsy. See, I really like things that are soft, and daddy’s coat was super soft, and he also smelled really nice. And I think that was the first time someone had picked me up and snuggled me. It felt so good. I knew I’d like him.

Question: What do you like best about daddy?

Cami: Oh, he’s ok. He feeds us breakfast and dinner more than mommy does, but mommy gives us wonderful treats, so they kinda balance out. Also, daddy takes us for walks a lot, and sometimes we get to ride in the car and go romping in the woods, which I think is so great! But he yells at me sometimes because I don’t always do what I’m supposed to do, unlike my goody goody brother, who’s always being so good, and coming when called, and not eating stuff out of the bathroom wastebasket, and not chewing up paper towels, and not barking all the time……

Harry: You know what I like? At night, he carries me up to bed and puts me down next to my stuffed duckies, and he kisses me on my forehead and whispers “Sweet dreams, Harry Potter Dachshund Greene. I love my boy.” I can run up the stairs to bed all by myself, but I like that Daddy carries me up to bed.

Cami: Hey, that’s funny, because first thing in the morning when he wakes up, I’m always snuggled close to him, and the first thing he does is rolls over and kisses me on the forehead and says “Good morning, Cami Missy.” Sometimes he says that a couple times, but I think that’s because he isn’t awake yet. Anyway, I always like that part. He talks to me first every day, before you, even!

Question: If you could change anything you wanted about daddy, what would it be?

Cami: He should totally feed us more. Like, whenever we wanted. That would be awesome. And I want to eat the stuff that they eat. It smells so good, doesn’t it?

Harry: Yeah, that would be really great. Other than that, though, I wouldn’t change anything. I think he’s a great daddy. I like that he tells us all the time that he loves us, and he picks us up and snuggles us and hugs us and kisses us a lot, and he’s really good about holding toys for me so I can put my paws around them and eat them up the way I want. I got him to do that. He and mommy always tell us that we’re the best babies, but I think we have the best daddy. If you’ll excuse me now, it’s time for my afternoon nap, before dinner.

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