Look at Me! Pet Fashion Tips for Your Furry Friend

UPDATED: Dec 21, 2013

In honor of Dress-up Your Pet Day, I’d like to discuss pet fashion. I am a firm believer in keeping your pet looking good. What do pets enjoy most, other than delicious treats? ATTENTION! If your pet looks cute and cuddly, people tend to gravitate toward them.

When my husband first met my sweet Shih-Tzu, Shay, she didn’t look so hot. It was the middle of the winter, her hair was matted and she was long overdue for a bath. I’d actually started clipping Shay’s hair myself to save money— BIG mistake. She looked terrible! Adam, my now husband, didn’t exactly enjoy cuddling up to Shay, which certainly didn’t help him score any brownie points with either of us.

When I discovered the most fabulous grooming/pet boutique down the street, I got her hair cut and purchased Shay’s first pink (with black polka dots, of course) dress. Things started to change. Adam didn’t discreetly, or not so discreetly, nudge Shay off his lap anymore. Their relationship blossomed. I later discovered that it was because Adam no longer felt like he had to wash his hands after petting my smelly Shih-Tzu. Who knew?

From then on, I vowed to never allow Shay to “let herself go” like that again. Now she’s my little well-groomed, sweet smelling Fashionista!

Pet Fashion Tips

  • If you’re going to dress up your pet, start when they’re young.  Get your pet familiar with the feeling of having clothes and accessories on.
  • Comfort is important to consider when dressing your furry friend. If it feels icky, your determined pet will find a way to take it off. This includes choosing the right size and dressing according to the weather. If at all possible, try it before you buy it.
  • Dogs have personalities too! Dress your pet according to his or her personality. If your pet is a diva, a nice dress and a purse is appropriate.
  • Accessorize! Try a fancy collar or studded dog goggles.
  • If your dog looks fabulous, you might want to consider looking good yourself. You don’t want people thinking… “Um, her dog looks better than she does!”

If you have any other PET FASHION tips, please comment below! Thanks for reading.


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