Dancing Dogs, Cats in Wigs…Just Another Day at BlogPaws!

We’re here at Blogpaws 2012, a pet blogging and social media conference in Salt Lake City, where pet lovers from around the world have gathered to show off their furry friends, socialize with other blog writers and learn more about all kinds of new and interesting ideas for pets like Sentry Pheromone Behavior Products. It’s been an exciting conference so far – you can literally reach out and touch a dog, cat or ferret in every direction. To the right our our table is a beautiful, independent German Shepherd, Bella, showing off her skills on a dog treadmill. To our left, there’s a laid back feline in a bright pink wig riding around in her “princess” chariot – a spruced up stroller with a special netting and sequins all around! (After all, everyone knows that Feline Divas need their privacy sometimes!)

This fascinating event brings out the most unique, friendly and lovable pets we’ve ever met. Here are a few photos so you can help share in the excitement. Enjoy!

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