Social Networking and Pets

It won’t be long before younger generations are asking their parents: “Mom, what is a letter and who is a mailman?” Social networking has literally taken over the way the world communicates. The best part is that it’s a way of talking to people you know and with those that you don’t know – yet.

There’s no question about it; these days our pets are a force to be reckoned with on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Posting on these sites is a great way of making new friends with other besotted cat people and dog people too for that matter.

Some time back, my cat Fudge took part in a one of a kind project as a feline videographer to make the first film ever filmed by cats. The film’s release was given Hollywood red carpet treatment and apart from being shown in cinemas around the country, has been a huge hit on Youtube with over 1.5 million viewers and counting.

One of Fudge’s fellow cinematographers was a cat named Gizmo, who, when his owners discovered him flushing the toilet, watching the water disappear and flushing again, filmed his antics and also posted this video on Youtube. To date this video has had more than 5.8 million hits. Both Fudge’s cinematic debut and Gizmo’s frolics have been such huge hits because of cat lovers people tweeting about them and posting messages to Facebook and other social media sites.

Fudge and Gizmo are mere whiskers in relation to the thousands of pets on these sites every day. As a result, there are international feline and canine communities that are growing by leaps and bounds. It’s a great way to share fun pet stuff and tell others about what your fur kid did today…and the message is around the world in a flash. But what I find so interesting about this new phenomenon is that people really enjoy interacting from their pet’s perspective, too.

Consequently, Sergeants Pet Health Central Facebook page is becoming popular with several pets…

You’ll want to take a look at Daisy –  she has all kinds of doggie furriends. Apart from posting cute photographs, she is an active fundraiser for pets in need.

Rufio –  a Neapolitan Mastiff with a penchant for dressing up and his own line of greeting cards. Very cute!

And of course don’t forget the adorable Buzz!

So come on pet people! Join the conversation on Sergeant’s Pet Health Central page, too. We are all looking forward to meeting you here — and seeing your wonderful pets!


Photo Credit: Feature image from flickr by Wlsion Afonso. Inset photos are of Buzz, Rufio and Daisy.

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