Tips for a Tailwagging 4th of July

Are you excited for the Fourth of July festivities? Barbeques, fireworks, parades, concerts, picnics, fairs and so much more! So many exhilarating ways to celebrate America’s Independence Day. But what about your pets? How do your furry family members react to the excessive noise, smelly smoke and leftover debris from this red, white and blue holiday?

If your dogs are anything like mine, they would prefer to fast forward through the entire month of July. Unfortunately for them, that’s not a possibility, so we are stuck with a miserable pet that won’t go potty (outside is where the scary stuff is happening) or won’t stop barking incessantly at the loud crashes coming from somewhere outdoors. Or even sadder, a pet that shakes with fear or runs recklessly to escape, risking their own safety. And how about that curious canine that eats all of the leftover wrappers on the ground? So what do we do?

Here are a few tips for a tail wagging 4th :

  • This year combat the fear by putting a Sentry Good Behavior Calming Collar on your dog or cat. The collar uses pheromone technology to help your pet cope during stressful situations. It is convenient, easy to use and goes where your pet goes.
  • Dr. Tony Johnson, a practicing veterinarian, recommends exercising your dog before the party starts. It will help burn off excessive energy. Who knows, maybe your dog will sleep right through it.
  • Have a special escape proof space reserved for your pet. If you have a timid pet, put them in a familiar safe place. I recommend closing the blinds and drawing the drapes, turning on the radio and spraying the room with Sentry Calming Spray, which contains powerful calming pheromones that help your pet feel safe. Make your pet feel comfortable during this stressful situation. And don’t forget to visit your pet several times to comfort them.
  • If your pet isn’t afraid of noise, you’ll still want to keep them far away from the area where you’ll be lighting fireworks or walking with sparklers. Even a well-trained dog can get overly excited and run, jump or otherwise come near these burning devices – with the potential for terrible, painful consequences. Keeping your pet indoors during the actual lighting is the best bet.
  • Clean up after yourself. Be sure to sweep up all of the debris post-fireworks if your dog joins you outside again. It is definitely not something a pet should ingest.

I hope these tips help you and your pets have a happier calmer July 4th. We all love our pets. Let’s do what we can to make this holiday more enjoyable for all of us. And to give you even more to celebrate, here are a few photos of the furry patriots among our Pet Health Central friends (thanks again)! Be sure to join us there and post photos of your own canine patriot!

How will you and your pets be spending the Fourth?

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