Reducing Your Pet’s Carbon Paw Print

Did you know that your family pet could have more of an environmental impact than an SUV?

If you are not cognizant of what you feed your pet and purchase in the form of toys and accessories and necessities, such as litter, you may be making a substantial impact on the environment during your pet’s lifetime. Fortunately, it’s very easy to go green and ultimately make a positive difference.

Back in the Sixties, nutritionist Adelle Davies coined the phrase: “You are what you eat”. And the same is very true for our pets. It’s important to feed pets foods that have been produced without the use of toxin and hormones. Natural foods also use proteins that are raised in sustainable, humane ways. Thus it’s very important to read labels and take advice from your veterinarian or pet store nutritional experts.

If you want to commit even further to going green, also take careful note of what materials are used in dog and cat toys and accessories. Today, so many pet toys and supplies are made from recycled materials or sustainable fibers without herbicides or pesticides.

Petco has launched a range of eco-friendly products under the Planet Petco label that includes toys from the organic cotton and vegetable dyes and everything from beds collars and leashes to litter boxes made from recycled bottles. And there’s even an eco-friendly litter to help reduce the build-up in landfills which is made with natural pine by-products and is environmentally safe and biodegradable.

It’s also important to make environmentally responsible choices when it comes to non-toxic cleaning products and select ones that use plant-based cleansers to remove pet stains and odors. Remember, whatever you use to clean counters and floors, your pets are walking on and subsequently ingesting when they lick their paws.

If you prefer to go green for flea and tick control, one option that is both natural and clinically proven to be effective is Natural Defense. There is an entire line of products – a range that includes everything from squeeze-ons for fleas and ticks, collars and spray, even home and garden products. They use natural botanical oils that are also safe for both dogs and cats.

There’s also a huge array of natural calming products to guard against stress and anxiety both in the home and when traveling such as the Sentry Calming Collar that contain pheromones that mimic the naturally produced pheromones that help pets deal with stress, and the naughty behaviors that come from it. There are also calming sprays and a diffuser in that line. They carry a lavender and chamomile scent.

Remember when Kermit the Frog sang sadly to Miss Piggy,  “It isn’t easy being green.”

Well, here’s the good news, Kermit. Things have changed. Nowadays, it’s really simple!


-Photo from flickr by ajbunsby


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