Ice Scream, You Scream, Even Your Canine Screams for Ice Cream!

July is National Ice Cream Month, and it goes without saying that our canine fur kids would love to celebrate along with the rest of us.

Real ice cream isn’t good for dogs (and its sugary content isn’t really good for people, either). Fortunately, there are lots of wonderful frozen treats made especially for dogs that are low in calories and big on taste – thus ideal for this hot summer weather.

What’s more, you shouldn’t have to look too far to find them. I notice that my local supermarket, along with selling frozen food options for both cats and dogs, is now stocking special frozen yogurt for dogs. There’s special refrigeration right there in the pet food aisle. Pet specialty stores like PetSmart and PETCO are also stocking up. So now, when you plan a family outing to the ice cream parlor, consider stopping at the pet store or supermarket and treating your pooch, too.

Popular flavors for dogs include vanilla, banana, chicken soup, pumpkin and, of course, peanut butter.

Some of the pet frozen treats can actually by good for your dog, as they contain probiotics and even certain supplements such as glucosamine.

I was discussing frozen treats for dogs with Deb Dempsey, who owns a store called Mouthfuls in Denver, Colorado. She stocks a variety of different brands of frozen treats and says that she’s been suggesting to her customers to give a frozen treat that contains probiotics (really good for doggie digestion), to their dogs as a dessert after their main meal. What dog is going to complain about that?

It’s also become trendy to make frozen treats for your dog at home. There are unique frozen treat kits sold both in stores and online. The kit includes a special ice tray in fun shapes, like bones, and includes a couple of packets of different flavored mixes, so that you can make a batch and keep it in the freezer. These  mixes freeze well or have a more of a pudding-like consistency. It is not as solid as pure ice, which can crack your dog’s teeth and cause extreme pain to your pet as well as to your pocket – veterinary dental bills can run into the thousands.

Some names of frozen treats to keep an eye out for include: The Bear and the Rat, Freezy Pups, Ubuntu Pet, Nature’s Variety and Frosty Paws.

With these options, your pooch will have summer licked.

Do you have a recipe for frozen pet treats? Share with all of us in the comments below!


Photo Credit: From flickr by Brian Hillegas.

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