Bo (and Mya) Visit Sergeant’s!

Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! This is Bo, the therapy dog. I just wanted to tell you about how much fun I had one afternoon recently.

Hey! What about me?

Mya, be quiet! I’m the older and wiser one so it’s only appropriate that I write this post— plus I did all the dirty work stealing Mom’s computer.

But I can tell stories, too!

Keep this up, Mya, and I will eat all the Pur Luv treats myself!

Where was I? Oh yes! This afternoon my mom and my human sister (Jade) took me to visit the ladies at Sergeant’s new offices. And yes, Mya the pest got to go, too. She’s Jade’s 6-month-old Elkhound puppy. I had visited Nichole and Kelly at their old office, but today we FINALLY got to see the great new building they moved into. Of course it was much further from my house than the old place, but it was totally worth the longer ride! I’m really lucky to live in the same city as their office, because it’s full of treats and toys and good stuff…and people who love to pet dogs.

We got there and waited in the lobby for Nichole to come down to get us. We felt like rock stars! We felt like the dog from The Artist. The people who came through the lobby stopped to see me and pet me. And yeah, Mya too. She’s still learning from me how to look cute by wiggling your tail and giving people that friendly Norwegian Elkhound look. She has to learn so she can become a pet assisted therapy dog like me some day. This gave her a chance to watch me in action with my superstar charm.

We went upstairs with Nichole and we saw the strangest thing! Inside the building were lots of boxes where humans work. There’s a big opening on the side of the boxes and some have doors. People go in and out of their boxes. They couldn’t resist coming out to see me!

And Me!

Quiet, Mya!

Yeah, they made a fuss over that 6-month-old pest too. Mom and Jade saw a lady they knew from when Jade was in high school. What a nice surprise. We were excited to, because that lady works with the yummy Petrodex peanut flavor toothpaste that we love so much. I’ll tell you about the toothpaste in another post when I can steal the computer away from my mom again.

I was SO good. I sat next to Mya so they could take our picture. Nichole took a million pictures of us. I guess she thought I was beautiful.

Sergeant’s is a dog-friendly company, of course. We saw another dog that was much smaller than us. Kelly was carrying around a 6-month-old male Dachshund puppy that another Sergeant’s employee is fostering. He was too scared to get down on the floor to meet us, though. Hope he gets a great forever home soon and goes back to visit the office occasionally. Just as long as he leaves some of the good stuff there for when I visit.

Mya (with MY help) managed to convince the nice people at Sergeant’s to let us have a few goodies to take home. Unfortunately, I had to share them with my sister, Blizzard, and Mya. Bummer! Mom said that I’ll get to go back to visit those really nice ladies again. She mentioned trick or treating with one of my Halloween costumes in October, but I don’t know if I can wait that long. I have to make sure I get back there when I don’t have to share the attention with Mya. Humph! I need to make sure all those nice folks get plenty of chances to pet me! After all, I am the therapy dog and need to make sure that they get a little therapy from me whenever they need it.

Thanks for the snacks, ladies! If I could drive myself, I’d come hang out with you every day!

Bye! Thank you so much, Sergeant’s!

Bo (& Mya)

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