Do Cats Beg? For Some Treats, Yes!

It’s true confession time. I can’t go too long without “rewarding” myself with a little bite of chocolate or my favorite frozen yogurt. And there’s no question my fur kids enjoy treats, too.

Recently Sergeant’s sent my cats, Fudge and Ziggy, some treats to test. I must add that they are professional product testers, as a lot of stuff arrives regularly on my doorstep for them (and all the neighborhood dogs and cats) to try. Consequently, Fudge and Ziggy are spoiled and have really discerning palates! In fact, Fudge can be plain fussy with some of the so-called delectable treats she’s given to try.

With the DentaFresh, there was absolutely no hesitation on behalf of either cat. The freeze-fried fish texture with additional poultry flavor received four paws up and had both cats camping out around my desk in case I was handing out more while I was writing this blog.

The thing with treats is that very often they have no nutritional benefits and only provide feel-good euphoria, as they offer nothing beyond empty calories. That’s why it’s very important to read about the treat to ensure that it has more to offer than just deliciousness. DentaFresh Daily Chews offer oral hygiene to the cat while its being chewed, as it’s designed to help prevent tartar build-up.

Similar treats available in pet specialty stores, in case you like shopping at Petco or PetSmart, etc., are the Sentry Petrodex Dental Treats for Cats. They are also made of dried fish that the cats love! Like the DentaFresh treats, the active ingredient that helps with oral hygiene is released as the cat chews.

Cleaning your cat’s teeth is often a really tricky job, so whatever you can do to keep the mouth in good condition helps. I have a pet oral mouthwash which Fudge allows me to spray into her mouth, too.

Keeping a cat’s mouth hygienic and bacteria-free is very important because bacteria can work its way from the mouth internally and cause serious medical conditions.

Treats are also a great training tool to teach your cat to do tricks or even come when called. I used treats to train Ziggy to sit on command and fetch his favorite toy – yes it’s not only a dog thing – cats like to retrieve, too.

Check out this video of Ziggy sitting for a treat!

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