Fish Treats Changed My “Meat Mentality”

One perk of writing for the Pet Health Central blog is that my dogs frequently get to enjoy new products and goodies from Sergeant’s . A couple weeks ago I received a package full of treats for my dogs Jet Blue, Sonic, Missile and Dillon. I promise you this is not a promotion. It is the actual reaction my dogs had to these treats. Even I was shocked!

Here is what I found: In all the years I have had dogs, I kept to the “meat mentality” with them, thinking that fish was only for cats. Then my dogs tried Sergeant’s Fresh Catch Fish Jerky, and I found out that dogs love fish as much as their feline friends!

Having had many dogs over my lifetime, I realize they perk up when any treat bag or jar is opened. It’s an automatic thing for them to come running and sit when they know there’s a treat coming. But, once having had these fish treats, they seemed twice as excited when that bag was opened.

Yes, there is a fishy smell when you open the bag (probably because they’re made with 85 percent real fish) – one that may not be as pleasant to you as it is for the dogs, unless you also love fish. But if your canines are anything like mine, they will smell these delectable treats from the next room and come running!

I have watched my dogs get excited about treats frequently, but there was a special note of interest and “licking of their lips” when I opened the bag of the fish jerky treats. Evidently, this is really what they’ve wanted when I’ve been doling out meat all of these years!

Since Jet, Sonic, Missile and Dillon enjoyed the fish treats so much they decided to invite their BFF’s Lucky and Buddy (pictured below) over to do a taste test. Both of them thought the flavor excellent. You can even see Buddy waiting excitedly for a piece of fish jerky in the second photo! I’m pretty sure both are now telling all their friends about the fish treat party they had at the home of the Masi Pack.

Try it with your dogs – I guarantee (we went six for six) they will take after their feline friends with their love of fish! Who knew?


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