Adventure Travel with Your Dog? Yes, Please!

Summer’s winding down, but it’s still travel season and if you’re planning a vacation it means taking your dog along with you, making a reservation for your pooch at a doggie hotel or planning a staycation for him at home with a reliable pet sitter in charge.

But there’s another option that focuses on planning a vacation around your dog!

There are lots of fabulous canine camps around the country that plan special dog-centric vacations for your pooch and you!

Camp Gone To The Dogs holds regular canine excursions in Marlboro and Stowe in Vermont.  The next dates to mark on your calendar are September 2- 8 and 9 –15. At the camp, dogs and their pet parents get to enjoy a range of outdoor activities and even curl up together around a campfire after a day of fun.

From a canine enjoyment standpoint, there are literally dozens of doggie pastimes to choose from such as lure coursing, flyball, agility, tracking, herding, swimming and freestyle dancing.

Camp Dogwood 
in Chicago, Illinois, also caters to dogs and their people with action-packed weekend camps that cater to canines of all ages and sizes. Apart from dog sports, campers can also participate in various art and craft workshops such as fur spinning and scrapbooking. There are also talent contests and after dinner movie nights.

The choice of accommodation ranges from log cabins to tents. If you don’t enjoy roughing it, there are warm comfortable beds at nearby off-site hotels.

In Canada, Dog Paddling Adventures, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, offers lots of organized outdoor adventures giving dogs a chance to hang out in a pack while their owners meet and mingle. The adventures are designed to match the seasons. There’s skijoring (cross-country skiing with your dog) and snowshoeing excursions in the winter, canoeing and paddling adventures in the summer months, and wonderful hikes during spring and fall.

Camp Winnaribbun 
is located in Stateline, Nevada on the east shore of Lake Tahoe. It offers dogs and their people thirty-three acres of pine forest and private beach against the magnificent backdrop of the lake and the mountains to romp around in and enjoy. Here campers can also consider a host of activities including obedience training, agility, herding, tracking, freestyle doggie dancing classes, first aid classes, nature walks and massage therapy sessions.

There’s easy access to all the activities South Lake Tahoe on the California side has to offer too, including a host of pet-friendly restaurants. You can also get a pet-sitter for the evening and go gambling on the Nevada side of the state line.

The cost of these camps varies according to the length of the stay, type of accommodation and meals on offer. But you can start budgeting between $600 and  $1600 per person.

I was also interested to learn that there is an organization called Dog Scouts of America and they host a variety of camps around the country too. My PHC blogging colleague David Greene did a piece about them if you’d like to know more.

And of course, if you’re more of the ‘make your own adventure’ sort, there’s always planning a camping trip with your canine friend or friends. If you’re looking for tips on that front, check out PHC blogger Dr. Tony Johnson’s post.

Wherever you choose to go, one thing is certain: both you and your dog will have a doggone good time!


-Feature photo by Mar Sension. The photos is of Maddi, our PET OF THE YEAR, posing in front of the Rocky Mountains while traveling this year with her family.



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