Professional Matchmaking and Pet Adoption? Yes, It’s a Thing!

The other day I visited an animal shelter here in Omaha to drop off product donations from Sergeant’s. I am not in the market for a dog right now, but there are always pet lovers here at Sergeant’s looking to adopt. I had to peek in and take a look at the adoptable dogs and cats. Our local pet shelter is a model, how I wish all shelters could be. But even though these pets in transition have food, water, shelter and a plethora of toys to play with, it’s still not easy to see. Why don’t these dogs and cats have a permanent place they can call home? Where is their big yard to run around in? Where is their lap to snuggle on?

Hanging on each kennel entrance are notes written in crayon and children’s handwriting, explaining why being a pet owner and friend is so wonderful. Words of encouragement, prayers and poems are proudly displayed throughout the premises. Also on the outside of the kennels are descriptions of the pets on colored cards. At first glance, I thought the colors were of no significance. After looking more closely, I realized that the colors are the key to a successful adoption.

This particular shelter requires you to fill out a survey indicating what type of lifestyle you live, how many pets you currently have, if you have children, how often you are home, if you like constant attention from your pet, if you prefer an active pet or a ‘couch potato’, etc. All of these questions help to determine what type of pet fits you best. Those pet personality types are divided into categories associated with the colors I saw on the kennels.

So, I took the “Meet Your Match” survey. As it turns out, I am orange (my favorite color, I must add.) My ideal dog is one that craves attention at times, but is content having alone time as well. He or she would also be a “playful, curious and trusting canine.” I have two dogs, a one-year-old daughter and a full-time job, I agree that all of these qualities would be essential.

The beautiful thing is, this shelter gets to know their pets so well through experience, research and background information that they use to help identify which pet would be your ideal companion. Then, it’s time to meet the pet and fall in love. There’s a lot more that goes into the process, of course, but shelters like these make sure the pet you are adopting is right for you. This is just another reason why adopting from a shelter is such a great way to add a pet to your family.

This month, which happens to be Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, help a pet find a forever home. You can do this by visiting a shelter that helps you identify the pet that is right for you. It takes time, yes, but understanding exactly what you and your future pet are looking for could lead to another “happily ever after” for a lucky dog or cat.

Do you already have your “happily ever after” adopted pet story? Please share with us below!



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