We gotta talk. I want my own toilet.

These days, it’s become very popular to potty train dogs to use indoor toilet systems in addition to teaching them to ask to go outside. And if you think about it, it’s an extremely good idea. After all, as pet parents we sometimes work long hours, get delayed at the office and stuck in parking lot-style traffic on the freeway. All the while your dog is waiting to do his business!

Under such circumstances, accidents are going to happen even to the best-trained pooch.

As more cities gentrify downtown blocks, converting them to stylish living areas, very often these buildings have no outdoor space for dogs. Because of the location of such areas, they are quite far from the nearest dog park. Thus, another good reason to consider an indoor potty system.

The latest doggie potty systems can be placed on balconies or even kept safely indoors.

There are systems that work with real grass sods that are simply replaced from time to time. Such systems have special drainage so that they remain bacteria and smell-free. Alternatively, there are a variety of systems that work with fake grass that has also been treated to guard against odors and bacteria.

The “plus” of using a grass or fake grass system is that dogs can easily transition to using the real deal outdoors.

Indoor litter box systems for dogs work on the exact same principle as your cat’s litter box. They are designed for use by dogs of 35 lbs and under and use special absorbent pellets made from recycled newspaper and wood pulp. Further, they have built-in odor control and are non-tracking through your home.

Another great option are puppy pads – the very same pads used for pet potty training in the first place. Sergeant’s Yippee Skippy Doggie Training Pads come in packs of 100 and have a special absorbent gel to lock in any liquid. They work in the same way as a baby diaper. The advantage of using pads is they are much more convenient to take with you if you travel a lot with your pooch.

If you are going to use potty pads, it’s a good idea to invest in a pad holder. This will prevent the pads from moving around the home and also prevent mischievous dogs from getting hold of a corner and chewing it!

Indoor dog toilet systems are a good idea for elderly dogs that have more difficulty controlling their bladders for longer periods of time than younger dogs.

They are also an excellent household accessory for elderly dog owners who may have trouble taking their pets out for regularly potty breaks. And they are also ideal for inclement weather – when it’s too hot or too cold to let your dog out.

However, no indoor toilet system should ever be a substitute for taking a dog out and about for regular exercise. But that’s another story altogether!

Do you use an indoor method for your dog? If so, share your experiences and pointers with us!

Photo Credit: From flickr by Mariaonima



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