The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

When I was a little girl, the show Annie was one of my all-time favorites. To this day, I can belt out the song “Tomorrow” word for word. (Of course, only my wiener dogs have the courage to listen to me do it, but that’s beside the point!) The fact is, Little Orphan Annie has been a character and a story line know to many of us since our childhoods. The unlikely heroine (and of course, her scruffy, equally unwanted dog, Sandy, for us dog lovers) taught us to rise above our current difficulties and focus on tomorrow and on hope.

Ironic that one of the most beloved characters, Sandy the dog, in a story about overcoming hardship and believing in hope would have the same name as a hurricane that has brought such difficulty to the same city where the story takes place, New York.

Originally, this post was going to focus solely on some great news we have at Sergeant’s – namely, that we’re a proud sponsor of Annie the Musical, the magnificent new rendition of this classic tale that just opened on Broadway in New York City. And we are very excited about this! But before we get into that, we want to share some helpful information for our fans and blog followers at Pet Health Central who are in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.

– If you still have a missing pet, or have taken in a stranded pet to keep them safe, please be sure to check the Hurricane Sandy Found and Missing Pets group on Facebook. There are many posts from both  those looking for their pets and those who have found pets and taken them in, waiting for their owners. Our hearts go out to you if you’re still searching, and we thank you if you’re one of the many who took stranded pets in to keep them safe. Be sure to post their photos in the Facebook group so their distraught owners can find them.

– If you are a New York City pet owner whose pet has been directly affected by Hurricane Sandy, the ASPCA’s Partners in Caring Program may be able to help you and your pet. It does not cover wellness checks or ongoing medical issues, but does cover injuries or illnesses that the storm contributed to, such as ear infections, broken limbs, ingestion of foreign objects or substances and so on. The program can also provide for short term food needs. Each request is handled case-by-case. You can contact them directly at 212-876-7700, ext. 4450 or email [email protected] for more information.

Sergeant’s decided to become a sponsor of the new Broadway musical because of its positive message and of course, because we couldn’t resist being part of something iconic that includes an adorable rescue dog. The show is getting rave reviews, so if you’re in the area and have the chance to see it, you really should! It runs through next spring. Ticket information and show dates are available on the show website.

Here’s another VERY exciting piece of Annie news…

(Drumroll, please!)

The star of the show, Lilla Crawford, who plays Annie, has agreed to blog for Pet Health Central about her work with Sandy! That’s right, pet fans! Now you’ll have a behind-the-scenes peek at how this adorable girl and her canine costar are doing rehearsing and performing on Broadway, in Lilla’s own words. So stay tuned for more to come about Annie the Musical!


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