A Note from Annie: Playing Backstage with Sandy the Dog

(Editor’s Note: This is the first post from Lilla, who plays Annie in Annie the Musical, now playing on Broadway! She shares insights from her work on the show with Sandy, the adorable dog who is her canine co-star in the show. We’re proud of Lilla on her debut as a blogger. A Broadway star and a blogger – that’s quite a list of extra-curricular activities! Please leave Lilla your best wishes and comments below.)

Today Sandy visited me in my dressing room at the theater so I got to play our special game with her. It is called monkey in the middle or keep away. A couple of weeks ago I bought her a small pink squid, like the squid in Finding Nemo, and she LOVES it so much. Every time we play with it she goes crazy and barks and jumps around.

I don’t know if everyone feels like this but I sometimes think that Sandy is trying to talk to me and thank me for her toy!

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