5 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Great

UPDATED: Nov 14, 2013

It’s turkey time! If you are anything like me, you’ve been waiting for this magnificent holiday for about 11.5 months. So to all my pet loving and turkey loving friends out there, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

To start the holidays off right, I’d like to make 5 quick and easy suggestions.

1. Don’t give your pet the scraps. Each year, it never fails, my darling father tries to feed my dogs turkey bones and any leftovers he can find. He says, “They need to celebrate, too!” The fact is, however, not everything you eat is OK for your pets. Spending my Thanksgiving in a pet hospital all night is not my idea of a celebration. Instead, I’ll be giving them a few delicious and healthy treats from work, which are MEANT for dogs.

2. Exercise your pet before having guests over. It’s easy to forget about your pet’s needs when you have a big event like this going on — there’s so much to do! Reserve some time for your pet before the hordes of visitors come (or before you go somewhere.) Take them on a walk or throw the ball for a while (this is what my big dog loves most.) It will wear them out, so when everyone arrives they will be less anxious.

3. Stop the bad behavior in its tracks My yellow Lab, Chief, is notorious for stealing food off the kitchen counter. Yes, he’s THAT dog. He would eat an entire loaf of bread (and leave the wrapper on the floor) if you left it there! The most amazing thing to come across my desk is a product called Sentry Stop That! Noise and Pheromone Spray. It’s completely life changing. If you have a dog that it a bit on the naughty side, try it. Trust me.

4. Give your pet a chew toy or bone while guests are occupying your time. Pets get bored, too. A lot of dogs will whine, bark and even bite until your give them the attention they want. This can be quite distracting when you are trying to host a dinner party. So every year, I give our dogs a new treat puzzler or bone to keep them occupied. And, again, I can’t say enough about the Sentry Good Behavior products. They rock!

5. Have fun and be safe! There’s no need to elaborate here. Have a good time, friends!


Hey, look! I’m not the only one with a turkey on my head. We love you, Rufio! ~Nichole

-Photo Credit: Rufio by Kathryn Dunlap


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