Winter Warnings to Keep Pets Safe this Winter

Updated: November 14, 2013

The winter weather can be very challenging for both pets and their people.

I know winter has truly arrived when my cats stand on the top of the couch and refuse to get down. They will sit on my lap until I have positioned a warm and cuddly blanket for them to lie on. Really! It’s hard to believe that they are such meteorologists!

Cats, of course, always seek out warm places to snooze. This time of the year it’s especially important to beware of the fact that they will look for a warm spot to hide out outside, such as under the hood or in a wheel well. The consequences can be disastrous if an unsuspecting driver gets in, starts up and tries to drive off. Here are a few other pointers to keeping your pets safe and healthy this winter.

** Cats should never be allowed to go near cars. Period. But one can’t take on the responsibility of the entire neighborhood, so if you live on a street where cats are allowed to roam, perhaps it’s a good idea to honk the horn before you start the car, just in case a furry friend has decided to escape the hostile weather under the hood or in a wheel well.

** Another big winter danger for both cats and dogs in antifreeze. This product tastes sweet to pets. They get curious and lick it. But it is highly poisonous and will result in an agonizing death. Be sure to dispose of ALL antifreeze properly and of course, keep your pets away from possible sources of this dangerous chemical.

** The salt used to melt snow on sidewalks and roads can be very harmful to pet paws. It’s a good idea to invest in some ergonomically designed pet boots. There are also disposable ones available in bright colors that can be used several times before actually having to be thrown away.

It’s also a good idea to use barrier creams on their skin at this time of year. There are special balms for pets to protect paw pads as well as chapped noses.

Take your pet with you when you go and shop for some winter basics at the local pet store. To boot, they will enjoy the outing!

Have a safe and warm winter!


-Photo Credit: From flickr by Centel

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