Happy First Birthday, PHC Blog!

It’s hard to believe that our little bouncing baby BLOG is a year old TODAY! A huge thank you goes out to all of our talented writers and contributors and especially to you, loving pet parents who spend time reading and learning ways to make your pets healthier, happier and closer to you.

When we started planning for this blog, we knew we wanted to provide posts that inspired, educated and entertained. With more than 160 posts during these 12 months, I believe we’ve done just that. It took a lot of effort from a lot of people…including some unsung heroes! We celebrated the blog’s birthday yesterday, and thought you’d love to meet a few of those behind-the-scenes heroes here at Sergeant’s that help make the Pet Health Central blog and Facebook page run smoothly. A few double as writers, but many more stand behind them making the magic happen.

  • Patsy Sumner (below, on right) brings the marketing executive angle to our blog, making sure great products are available for pet parents.

  • Kim Stoneburner makes sure the blog reaches pet parents far and wide by advertising the posts from our talented writers. (She’s in the main photo, first on the left in the back row.)
  • Dorin Abrisz is the man brought the visuals to life and to you through the magic of the blogosphere.
  • Rob Caron is our own resident ‘Doctor of Blogology” because his mad IT skills have made sure everything is technically in place. (This summer, we awarded “Dr. Rob” this certificate to confirm his Doctor of Blogology status. We like to have fun around here!)

  • Jake Hawkins makes sure that our blog server is always up and running – very important because the blog has a lot of traffic!
  • Nichole Baugh (below, center) is not only a great writer, but also the organizational engine making sure all posts are scheduled and go live.
  • Melissa Rice (below, on right) kicks out fantastic posts – and is also our very appreciated Grammar Police!

  • And then there’s me, Kelly. I plan, I edit, I write, I manage. I absolutely, positively love this blog. And I’m thrilled that all of you do, too.

You’ll also see two talented gentlemen to the far right in the photo, in the back row. That’s Joe and Jose deRoux from Alisa, the distributor of Sergeant’s products in Panama! They came to visit us at our corporate headquarters and talk about social media. We’re very excited that they will soon launch an extensive Spanish-language social media program for pet enthusiasts not only in Panama, but all over. We’ll be sharing more of their content and progress during 2013.

Now, as a close group of editors, writers, tech gurus and faithful blog followers, we enter into the TERRIFIC TWOs!

Is there content you’d love to see our group of writers take on? Are there stories YOU’D like to tell? Please let us know in the comments below.



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