Dear Santa…A Letter from the Elkhounds

This is Blizzard, Bo and Mya – the Elkhounds. We have been very, very good doggies this year!

This is Bo and I will start. I went to lots and lots of places to make many people very happy this year. They love petting me and telling me how pretty I am. I like the compliments but mostly I like knowing that I make people smile. Especially the people in the hospital and the nursing home. They need smiles.

Our mom is really good about keeping all of us combed and clean all year long. We (Bo and Blizzard) have been doing a great job of protecting our house and barking at everyone we can see out the windows. We would really like stockings full of crunchy treats like Pur Luv Grande Bones and promise not to scare your reindeer when you come on Christmas Eve. Well, at least we’ll try not to bark. And our Mom says you can bring her diamonds. Can you eat those?

This is Mya. Now it’s my turn! I have been a really good puppy playing with my toys and sharing them with my Mommy, Grandma and Grandpa. I have been very good about asking to go outside to potty and am not chewing up anything I shouldn’t. Well, almost anything. My mommy has been brushing my teeth every night. I would like a stocking full of new toys to fill my toy box. I am looking forward to spending Christmas at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house this year. So if you would like to leave a Crazy Paws turtle ball, latex frog, and plush turtle in my stocking, I would be so excited Christmas morning! Since this is my first Christmas, I am trusting Bo and Blizzard on how great a guy you are to sweet little doggies like us. I think you should also treat my Mommy to toothpaste for brushing my teeth all the time. She likes chicken flavor toothpaste. Or if she doesn’t, I do!

As for me, Blizzard, I’m always an angel. Just ask my parents!

I have enclosed a picture of our stockings hung on the fireplace with our names on them, so you know which ones are ours. We will also leave some cookies for you and carrots for your reindeer. We understand how you will need a snack and welcome a break on your very busy travels that night to visit all kinds of good doggies all over the world.







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