Holiday Traditions Are for Pets,Too!

UPDATED: Nov 14, 2013

There are so many wonderful traditions celebrated during the holiday season, so I decided to tell you about some of the fun ways that pets can pawticipate too!

Family Game Night Around the Fire

This is a family favorite this time of year. Apart from fun people games, there are lots of great puzzle games for cats and dogs (and even hamsters and birds!) Interestingly, pet behaviorists say that ten minutes of thinking play can equal 45 minutes of active play for pets. This is something to think about at this time of year when the weather isn’t conducive to long outdoors walks. Cat and dog puzzle games offer different degrees of difficulty and of course they all involve hiding treats!

Steal a Kiss Under the Mistletoe

Kissing under the mistletoe trace back to the Greek festival of Saturnalia. This tradition is still sure to heat up any holiday party.  Family pets can get holiday kisses, too. Of course it goes without saying that no-one wants to kiss a cat with tuna breath or a doggie with liver breath, so make sure you stock up on dental hygiene products to ensure a fresh minty smell instead. Sergeant’s makes a variety of pet dental products, such as flavored doggie toothpaste, breathe freshening agents that can be added to the water bowl and dental treats. While some do contain poultry, beef, fish or peanut flavor so pets enjoy them, they most certainly freshen breath so humans can enjoy their kisses as well.

Dressed to the Nines

The holidays mean plenty of parties and shopping for the perfect party dress or festive Santa tie. Pets can now join in the fun. There are plenty of holiday outfits for both cats and dogs, which means their special outfit can get them in the holiday spirit for those fun family photographs. But remember that cats don’t particularly like to dress up, so keep the photo ops short!

Cookies for Santa

The excitement of waking up on Christmas morning isn’t complete without the anticipation of whether or not Santa ate the cookies that were left out for him. What about Santa’s four-legged dog and cat helpers? There are lots of fabulous cookies for both cats and dogs that are healthy and that they can enjoy along with other family members who are munching typical holiday treat fare.

The Annual Pair of Pajamas

Another popular holiday tradition is donning brand new pajamas and wearing them to open those presents on Christmas morning. Well, there are lots of fun-styled PJs for dogs, too. Remember it can be cold on Christmas morning. This is the perfect functional and fashionable gift for this time of year.

Most of all, have fun! Involving your pets in family activities is a great way to strengthen the human-animal bond.


-Photo Credit: by Sharon Piper

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