My Rescue Dog, Happy at Last

I want you all to meet Punkin’! He joined our family the end of last October.But he wasn’t a gift or a puppy from a farm. He came to us with a little more dramatic story, so I would like to share it with you.

About midway through October, I went to my Grandpa’s house to visit with him. Upon my arrival, I glanced across the street and noticed a Doberman who was inside a fence surrounding a home that looked abandoned. I went over to the fence and tried to get the Doberman’s attention. To my surprise, he was all beat down looking and very malnourished. It was a very sad thing to see. He was a beautiful dog that acted like he had nothing to live for.

I spoke with my grandpa and he said that the owners of the house moved out, leaving the dog behind. He said that some of the neighbors noticed the dog wasn’t being fed and so they had started giving him scraps. Everyone waited for them to come and claim their dog, but no one ever returned. The dog was left in the yard with nothing and no one.

Before I continue on with the story, I should add this important fact. The county in my grandpa  lives – and where the dog that was abandon lived – euthanizes stray animals seven days after they are picked up. County animal control was called that evening by some neighbors. They said that something would be done the next day. That would mean they’d pick up the dog and he would likely be euthanized.

I went home and waited patiently overnight. The next day, I woke up with the anticipation of a kid at Christmas. Later that day, I called my Papaw (that’s what many people call grandpas in the area where I live) and he said that nobody had came to get the dog. I waited until it was night time and called again. Still nothing different. I waited a while longer and thought to myself, I can’t leave that dog another night. So I loaded up and took off to the house where the dog was abandoned. And sure enough, there he sat, scared and hungry.

I lured him to me with peanut butter crackers and gained his trust. I then put a leash on him and off we went to his new home. I decided to name him Punkin’ because his rescue came in October. Since then, he’s gained a lot of weight (he was almost a skeleton when I found him.) Most of all, Punkin’ has been the best, sweetest dog I could have asked for. I think he knows he was rescued, and he really appreciates his new life. He has adapted very well to our four other dogs, and we are glad to call him a Walker!

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