The Pet Cat Video Award Goes to…

I would probably never get to walk a red carpet in Hollywood or attend red carpet events if it weren’t for my cats!

Several years ago Fudge was one of 25 cats chosen to wear a special pet video camera called an Eyenimal and film her life as part of a movie project called The Cat Diaries. The movie premiered in Hollywood and I got to walk the red carpet and sip champagne on her behalf!

Recently, I found myself at another feline-inspired Hollywood event, The Friskies Awards It’s a film award ceremony styled like The Oscars to celebrate the best cat videos in various cat-egories. Only this time the carpet wasn’t red, it was lilac and the chandeliers at The Smog Shoppe, where it was held in Los Angeles, were made from cans of cat food and the table decorations were balls of string.

There’s no question that cat videos are the most watched videos on the Internet and, let’s face it, anyone who owns a cat and a smart phone can be classified as a feline videographer. Then are a people who take this new art form very seriously and produce some really fabulous footage.

It’s also big business. There were gold plated catuettes for the Friskies winners and fat cash prizes. The overall winner of The Friskies walked away with $15 000! The winning film was called Oskar’s First Toys and award was very well deserved.

Oskar is a blind kitten and the film showed him on his second day in his adopted home playing with new toys and learning his away around. Apart from the cute factor, Oskar’s dad Mick Szydlowski of Omaha, Nebraska who filmed him at play put out a very important message; Oskar may be challenged, but he is a wonderful and playful companion – just like any other cat!

“Oskar is completely blind, but he doesn’t let that slow him down one bit. He’s healthy, he’s happy, he does everything a regular cat would do,” said a beaming Szydlowski in his award acceptance speech.

I am hoping that this wonderful film is going to have major impact on convincing potential pet parents to adopt challenged pets. A blind kitten can easily adapt in a home and learn his way around. It’s simply up to pet parents to be cognizant of the cat’s blindness and be practical about it by not moving furniture around, making sure that windows aren’t left open and ensuring that it is a completely safe environment – they way you would do for any pet.

Enjoy the video. I’ve watched it numerous times!

-Photo Credit: From Oskar’s Facebook Page:


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