Dressing Up Doggie (with photos!)

Now for a very controversial post …

Do you dress your dogs in clothing? I don’t mean jammies when it’s cold – I mean dresses and suits and all kinds of fabulous outfits.

People are very adamant about dressing or not dressing their dogs. It’s a funny thing. I know many of you have small dogs and there are lots of clothes for them in stores and on the internet. It seems that dressing small dogs is more common. But I have large dogs and I still dress mine in clothing! Very often I have to have them made from scratch – sometimes I can take a 3T dress and have it altered to fit. (No, really, I do that.)

I tell people that I do it because mine are service dogs that work in an Animal Kindness program. They go into schools and work with the children. So I can get away with saying that I do it for the kids.

But to be honest, I get lots of enjoyment out of it also! I used to dress my two boys, Bullet and Comet, and they looked so handsome. Both have since passed away and now I have two girls that I take with me for performances. It is more expensive to dress the girls…well, only if you insist on getting them all the bling to go with each outfit. (Yes, I do that, too.)

I have not had time to meet with the photographer to have our usual photo shoot with their new outfits on yet, but I will share them with you when we have our “sitting”. I hope you enjoy the photos below of the my funny bunch. And yes, in case you’re wondering, they seem to enjoy it, too!

I’d love to hear from others. Do you dress up your dog? Tell me why or why not in the comments below. And where do you get your outfits?

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