Fun At Work Day, Sergeant’s Style

There are many things that I love about working for Sergeant’s, but I especially appreciate the fact that we have Pet Fridays. A few employees sign up each week to bring their beloved pet to work. It makes for an exciting and interesting work day. We’ve had Shih Tzus, Pugs, Huskies, adorable mixed-breed, pedigreed pets, pets that came home through rescue, kittens, puppies, rabbits and even a trained rat named Tilly! No, really – she does tricks and comes when called by name.

Today, in honor of Fun at Work Day, we’ve decided to change Pet Fridays to Pet Tuesdays – just this once. I couldn’t think of a better way to have fun at Sergeant’s today.


Name –  Shadow
Age –  2.5 years
Breed –  Lab / Retriever
A note from Shadow’s owner, who works in our customer assistance department  – Shadow hates to be crated. He will chew anything he can pull through the squares, including king size comforters! Otherwise, he is a very good boy and gentle with children. When you pet him, he will try to hold your hand or hug you! He sits and shakes nicely for his favorite Sergeant’s treats.

Name – Mandy
Age – 3 years
Breed – West Highland White Terrier
A note from Mandy’s owner, who works in our research and development department – She came to us six months ago and had no manners. At times, she still eats whatever she can get her mouth on, digs holes in the yard and doesn’t listen. BUT she is so sweet and loving toward us! She will kiss us until we don’t care what naughty things she does! She’s getting much better, with the help of SENTRY Good Behavior products. If you have a naughty or scared pet, I highly recommend them.

Name – Sophie
Age – 9 years
Breed – Chow, German Shepard, Rottweiler Mix
A note from Sophie’s owner, one of our graphic designers – Sophie was very protective of me when I was pregnant and is even more protective of the baby now that she’s here. People aren’t allowed to get close unless Sophie gives her blessing. She’s is our sweet protector. Also, she hates cameras (but you can’t tell here!)



Name – Jenks
Age – 5 years
Breed – Part Maine Coon
A Note from Jenks’ owner, who works in our IT department  – Jenks is a loving fur-ball who likes to snuggle on the fluffiest surface, preferably black since he likes to be camouflaged into his surroundings. When he wants attention he’ll flop on his back and wait to have his belly rubbed and the underside of his chin scratched. We tend to call him “Poofy” at home because he’s big-boned, has a hibernation-ready physique, along with long fine flowing (and shedding) hair. When he’s watching the world around him, he likes to “hang paw” as we say, by propping himself semi-over a barrier surface and hanging one paw down. He is truly one-of-a-kind and we love him for that!

Name – Mowgli
Age – 6 months
Breed – She is a mixed breed with a hint of “I’m cute, pet me now!”
A Note from Mowgli’s owner, who works in our accounting department – Mowgli plays 99% of the time; she is the boss around our house (how can something so little demand so much control?)  She torments our 4-year-old-cat (who only wants to sleep.) She isn’t even afraid of our two Huskies – and she is smaller than some of their bones and chew toys! She’s a brave one.


So, If you are at work today, remember to have a little fun! Feel free to check out our Pet Health Central Facebook fan page or read a few more blog posts. That’s always fun, if you ask me. Happy Fun at Work Day! Let us know how it’s going in the comments below.


-Photo Credit: All photos were taken by author of the post. The feature image is Peanut, a regular visitor at Sergeant’s. Peanut belongs to an employee in the graphics department. 


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