Celebrating Pet Art

When it comes to the pet world there is no shortage of wonderful artists, photographers, cartoonists and others who celebrate pets in their own particular fashion and style. I would like to share a few of my favorites with you.

There is no question that whatever their specific artistic talent may be, these artists all have one thing in common – a love and appreciation of animals, clearly evident in their work. I have been lucky enough in my career to cross paws with some of the best in the business and in some instances actually worked with them on projects. I have included what I consider to be the pick of the litter to share here in this post so you can celebrate their talents along with me!

First, I would like to celebrate advertising and commercial photographer Andrew Grant, who also happens to be a really dog lover and canine photographer extraordinaire. His first coffee table book called Rover was a huge success and lists both Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah, amongst its owners.

No sooner was the ink dry than he was out and about again with his camera looking for suitable doggie models for his next book Rover Woof Edition. His up-close-and-personal portrait style captures the most amazing doggie features and there is no question that he has a gift for capturing expressions in his model’s eyes that truly mirror their souls. His newest book is Rover Bow Wow Edition and features 13 different covers that pet lovers can choose from.

Turning from dogs to cats, well-known fine arts photographer Arne Svenson has also turned to pets for the subject matter of his latest book. It’s called Strays and features the most beautiful images of stray kittens photographed in such a way that their faces are mostly hidden, focusing on their beautiful body language. There’s no question that Arne has turned photographing kittens into an art form! You can check out a video about this book here.

Best of all, both Grant and Svenson give proceeds from their beautiful art work to animal shelters.

I was lucky enough to work with Mark Anderson, one of my favorite illustrators for my book For The Love of Cats. The book actually features Mark’s own little rescued kitty, Mary. This was truly a fun project. The book is alphabetical, highlighting fun rhymes and interesting factoids about cats and Mark took all the information and managed to infuse it into his beautiful illustrations. You can tell his is a cat person! For the readers just looking at the beautiful pages, its difficult to know how much time was spent behind the scenes researching the movements and the poses that he captured the cats in.

And no creative round up would be complete without my dear friend cartoonist, Stephanie Piro, whose simple pen and ink drawings capture canine and feline antics at their best. Apart from her fun pet stuff, Stephanie is featured in King Features groundbreaking cartoon strip, Six Chix, which appears in over 125 newspapers across the USA and abroad. Stephanie is the Saturday Chick!

Every year when cat writers from around the world gather for an annual conference, I always look forward to the program because it  features some of her fun drawings.

To Andrew, Arne, Mark and Stephanie, and all of the other amazingly talented pet-loving artists, I salute you and hope that readers of this blog will check out your works and enjoy much as much as I do.

Finally – do you have favorite artists who focus on pets? Or a favorite piece of art with an animal as the subject? Please share names, website links or other recommendations in the comments below! We’d love to hear more about animal-loving painters, sculptors, photographers, sketchers and so on.

And don’t forget you can always post a photo of pet art you love or have created to the Pet Health Central Facebook page, where it can be shared with 400,000 other pet lovers!


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