Make it a Happy, Healthy Spring

Can you believe that spring is finally here? If you live in the Midwest and are a pet owner, like myself, it’s probably a huge relief. There’s nothing better than a nice long (warm) walk outside with the dogs. But just because the calendar reads “The First Day of Spring,” it doesn’t necessarily mean you should put away the dog’s winter coats. In fact, here in Nebraska (where Sergeant’s Pet Care Products is headquartered) it’s currently an uncomfortable 19 degrees. Brrrr!

This spring, I’m going to warm up my pet relationships by doing a few simple things to keep us all happier and healthier. Will you join me?

  • Be Proactive! The last thing we need is unwanted guests in our homes this year. When I say guests, I mean those disgusting disease-carrying fleas and ticks. Each month try to treat your pets with a reliable, trusted flea and tick product like SENTRY Fiproguard MAX.
  • Change things up! Variety is the spice of life. Do something different with your pet this spring. If you haven’t visited the dog park down the street, give it a whirl. Have a few new adventures and make life a bit more exciting for all parties involved. Who knows, your pet might love it as much as you do.
  • Interact more often with other pet lovers! You have two wonderful resources right here at your fingertips: The Pet Health Central (PHC) Facebook page and the PHC Blog (right here!). On our Facebook page you can join others in celebrating their pets and participate in the PET OF THE WEEK Photo Contest. Show off your adorable pet for a chance to win free prizes!
  • Spring clean your pet care products, toys and treatsCheck expiration dates and toss old items. If it’s expired, there’s really no reason to keep it around collecting dust.
  • Exercise more often! Now that the weather is clearing up, we’ve got one less excuse not to walk our dogs. My personal goal is to walk my dogs at least four times per week. What are your pet exercise goals?
  • Help others! Did you know by simply taking the Sergeant’s Pet Health Pledge you can help ensure that a newly adopted shelter pet starts their new life on the right foot? Each pledge generates a Pet Health Kit from Sergeant’s that is sent out to one of the participating American Humane Associations shelters across the country. The kit, filled with great healthcare items, goes home with the pet and their new family, to get good pet healthcare habits going from the start. Take the pledge NOW!

Have fun this spring, fellow pet lovers. Enjoy the weather and your beautiful pets. They truly are a blessing in our lives!

For more tips, tricks and advice – come back and see us soon. We have the most wonderful people blogging here on the Pet Health Central blog. I look forward to chatting with you. Leave your comments, questions and suggestions in the comments below! Happy First Day of spring!





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