Your Lost Pet’s Ticket Home

There is nothing worse than that empty pit-in-the-stomach feeling when the realization hits that your pet is nowhere to be found.

There is no question that proper identification is a lost pet’s ticket home. But these days a collar with a tag simply isn’t enough because they can be removed. A microchip in addition to a collar is definitely the answer. Fortunately, micro-chipping is becoming so commonplace these days that shelters know to scan and even people who find pets on the street know that this is a way to check if the pet in fact does have an owner. Sometimes it can take years for a happy ending. And fortunately there are lots of lovely heart-warming stories features in the media all the time that attest to this fact.

Recently, Jeremy Zelkowitz, a 22-year-old Brooklyn native, who dresses in character as a zombie for Times Scare, a year-round haunted house located on Eighth Avenue in New York City, saw the fugitive cat trying to enter a restaurant and later a nearby Starbucks.

The cat then darted on and off of the road interrupting traffic. That’s when he and a friend decided to help and took the curious cat to nearby veterinary hospital where doctors used a microchip scanner and were able to determine the cat, named Disaster, belonged to Jimmy Helliesen, a Long Island resident and New York City Police Officer.

When contacted Officer Helliesen thought someone was playing a joke on him because Disaster had gone missing two years previously.

The policeman and cat lover explained that he fosters cats at his home in Long Island that wind up at the precinct where he works until he can find them a home with suitable owners. Disaster was one of the first he took in, but about two years ago, he managed to claw through a screened window and got loose.

“This really goes to show the importance of micro-chipping your pets,” said Baker. “If you and your pet are separated, sooner or later, the odds of you and your pet being reunited are more likely thanks to this affordable technology.”

Micro-chipping is an inexpensive procedure where a tiny, rice-sized microchip is implanted under the pet’s skin and can be used by veterinarians or animal service workers to find the pet’s owner.

No one may ever know the full story of where Disaster spent the past two years or how he got from Long Island to Manhattan, but he has been reunited with Helliesen and is back at home in Long Island.

It is truly all about the chip – the size of a grain of rice that is surgically implanted in the back of the pet’s neck by a veterinary professional.

Of course having the chip is one thing because it’s equally important to ensure that the pet is registered on the database of the respective company supporting the chip. This way, the rightful pet parent can be contacted immediately and reunited with their fur kid.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Take note of your pet’s daily habits such as where your pet eats, sleeps and likes to hide out at home. This way the sooner you notice they are missing, the quicker
    you can begin to search before they go too far.
  • Make sure you include your pet’s personality traits on your “Lost” posters. It will be a big help to anyone finding her. I will talk more about personalty traits in a later post this week. Stay tuned!
  • Never have a “wait and see attitude” as its only in the movies to lost pets like the famous Lassie turn up again on the doorstep after a harrowing journey!
  • Never give up too quickly it could take weeks or months for your pet to be recovered.

And remember, proper identification is your lost pet’s ticket home.

– Photo Credit: From flickr by Miss Pupik


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